Tremendous only supports DELETE requests for one endpoint -- deleting an invoice. Per their documentation, this request "removes an invoice. This has no further consequences but is a rather cosmetic operation." See the examples for a walk-through.

  query = list(),
  body = NULL,
  disk = NULL,
  stream = NULL,
  encode = "json",
  parse = TRUE



A Tremendous API Client object, created with trem_client_new.


The URL path, appended to the base URL, for GET requests such as listing available payment types, funding sources, account members, and more. See the Tremendous API Documentation for examples.


Query terms as a named list. See crul::HttpClient for more details.


Request body for Tremendous API, as an R List.


A path to write to. NULL by default, so info is written to memory. See crul::HttpClient for more details.


An R function to determine how to stream data. NULL by default, so info is streaned with memory. See crul::HttpClient for more details.


"json" by default based on Tremendous API Request format. See crul::HttpClient for more options.


Logical: Should the API Response results be parsed into a data frame?


If parse = TRUE (default), a list containing the response from the API request. Otherwise, the R6 HttpResponse object containing API request data.


if (FALSE) { # Create a new Tremendous API Client test_client <- trem_client_new(api_key = "TEST_YOUR-API-KEY-HERE", sandbox = TRUE) # Perform a POST request for an invoice. # `po_number` is Reference to the purchase order number within your organization # `amount` is in USD trem_post(test_client, path = "invoices", body = list(po_number = "unique-invoice-id", amount = 50) ) # Perform a GET request for listing all current (non-deleted) invoices. current_invoices <- trem_get(test_client, "invoices") # Get index for the correct ID unique_id_index <- which(current_invoices$invoices$po_number == "unique-invoice-id") # Get the invoice ID for 'unique-invoice-id' to delete my_invoice_id <- current_invoices$invoices[unique_id_index, "id"] # Perform a DELETE request for the specific invoice. trem_delete(test_client, paste0("invoices/", my_invoice_id)) # Perform a GET request for listing all current (non-deleted) invoices. # The one with id po_number 'unique-invoice-id' should no longer be here. trem_get(test_client, "invoices") }