Create a new Tremendous API Client

trem_client_new(api_key = NULL, sandbox = TRUE)



API key from Can either pass in here as a character string or set for repeated use with trem_set_api_key.


Logical: TRUE and any API requests are performed within the Tremendous sandbox environment, a free and fully-featured environment for application developing and testing. FALSE and the API requests are performed within the Tremendous production environment. This will involve sending actual money, so be certain you wish to do this!


An object of class 'tremClient' that contains the API Key and Environment information for easily performing Tremendous API requests.


if (FALSE) { # Create a client for testing API calls within the Sandbox environment. test_client <- trem_client_new(api_key = "TEST_YOUR-KEY-HERE", sandbox = TRUE) # Create a client for performing API calls within a production environment. # This client will be able to send actual money! prod_client <- trem_client_new(api_key = "PROD_YOUR-KEY-HERE", sandbox = FALSE) }